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Check out WEEEDU, A Brighter Doomsday, and Polar Bear Resistance Army (PRBA)

3d Animation

Advanced 3D modeling, rendering, motion graphics, stop motion animation

Game Development

MobiCycle's platform includes games as a way to engage and educate your target audience.

Why Games + Sustainability?

MobiCycle is a for profit social enterprise dedicated to changing our approach to a key driver of climate change - electronic waste. We have three goals

  • 1

    Broaden MobiCycle's platform to manage eWaste to include an education component.

  • 2

    Offer organizations a novel way to engage their customers and staff on issues around sustainability.

  • 3

    Contribute to the growing subset of games that explore climate change.

Games bring stories about our world to life. You may want to fight climate change, but you are confused about where or how to start. You want to make up your mind after hearing a range of opinions, not just simple facts. A game is one opinion presented in a captivating format to help you make sense of the noise.

Games can reflect the actual world, the changing world and an exaggerated world. From custom height maps to games, our consultants can help you design and develop your solution. Get started today by trying one of MobiCycle's games.

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