One platform to manage Scope 3 emissions for electronics and electricals

Last updated on June 30, 2023

🏆 Games can indeed be a medium for conveying cultural values and ideals, and the player's engagement with the game can be a reflection of their own relationship with the larger cultural context. This is especially true in games that are set in real or imagined historical or cultural settings, where players can explore and interact with cultural artifacts, practices, and beliefs in a way that can shape their own understanding and appreciation of that culture. It's a fascinating intersection of technology, culture, and human psychology!

The sense of agency and empowerment that games can provide can be a powerful antidote to climate anxiety. By allowing players to explore and interact with a fictional world where climate change is a constant and pressing threat, games can help to desensitize players to the fear and helplessness that often accompanies discussions of climate change in the real world. Additionally, games can be a tool for education and activism, raising awareness and inspiring action in a way that traditional media may not be able to. It's a really exciting area of game design and research!

Biodiversity games

MobiCycle is dedicated to raising awareness about endangered species and the importance of preserving biodiversity through our innovative games. Our games simulate complex ecological systems, demonstrating the interconnectedness of species and their environments, while also promoting empathy and understanding for non-human species. Players can engage in virtual conservation efforts, such as planting virtual trees or protecting virtual habitats, and consider the impacts of their actions on the environment.

Pollution games

In addition to raising awareness about endangered species, MobiCycle is also committed to educating players about the damaging effects of pollution. Our games allow players to experience the environmental impacts of pollution firsthand, such as witnessing the pollution of waterways or the degradation of habitats due to air pollution.


Navigate through the perilous terrain of electronic waste, offering you not just a game but an eye-opening journey into the world's fastest-growing waste stream.

A Better Doomsday (ABD)

Step into a dystopian world teetering on the brink of environmental collapse. Your actions directly influence outcomes, making the heavy topic of greenhouse gas emissions palpably interactive.

Polar Bear Resistance Army (PBRA)

Join the ranks of the most iconic climate warriors—the polar bears. Engage in virtual missions to protect their shrinking habitats and make a stand against the imminent threat of climate change.

Custom Games

Have a unique vision for tackling climate or electronic issues through gaming? Our dashboard empowers you to collaborate with our expert developers in crafting your bespoke game, tailored to your message and medium.

MobiCycle is at the crossroads of Consulting, Technology, Gaming, and Marketing. When you hire our consultants, we ensure the collection of necessary data and provide a clear outline of your processes. In the technology sphere, we provide AI-enabled supply chain management solutions along with an extensive suite of digital tools and hardware designed for efficient eWaste management. Our marketing efforts celebrate your achievements and shine a light on your organization's dedication to responsible mining methods, cleaner manufacturing processes, and appropriate disposal and recycling techniques.

In terms of games, we offer engaging experiences that depict the real-world consequences of ignoring best environmental practices, providing a powerful educational tool. The addition of educational games to MobiCycle's portfolio underscores our commitment to raising awareness and inspiring action.

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At MobiCycle, we empower organizations to harness the power of technology, data science, and collaborative endeavors to shape a sustainable future. Our vision is of an electronics industry that operates in symbiosis with the environment, significantly reducing its ecological footprint and safeguarding biodiversity for the generations to come.

If our vision resonates with you, we're ready to offer our support. We can help foster transparent dialogues with your suppliers, facilitating the acquisition of vital data, even when the discussions may prove difficult. The key to our collective longevity on this planet lies in incorporating the collection and reporting of accurate emissions data into daily operations across the entire supply chain.

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